C-JB-2 Vaporizer Converter (GENERIC) Regulator Silicon Forklift Century Filter Forklift Truck System Gas Propane

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General: The C-JB-2 Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer is an LPG liquid withdrawal high pressure regulator. This regulator provides excellent fuel delivery with liquid-cooled engines up to 100 HP. For indoor applications by NFPA definition, a regulator is not considered a positive shut-off valve. An approved automatic shut-off device is required to be installed. This will shut off the fuel supply should the engine fail while unattended. Shut-off devices come in vacuum- or solenoid-actuated configurations.

Operation: Liquid propane enters the regulator and then is vaporized using heat from the engine’s coolant. Tank pressure is reduced to approximately 1.5 psi. As negative pressure is transmitted from the carburetor to the regulator, the regulator releases propane vapor to the carburetor. Some regulators are equipped with a primer button. Correctly installed regulator should not require priming. If priming is required, a maximum duration of only 1 second should be used.

Installation: The C-JB-2 Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer should be mounted as close to the carburetor as possible, with the fuel outlet placed in the lowest position for best flow.

Service: The C-JB-2 Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer should be periodically checked for leakage. If the unit requires service, we suggest you take it to a qualified service technician.


  • Propane liquid withdrawal vaporizing regulator
  • For liquid-cooled engines up to 100 HP
  • deal for mobile industrial equipment applications
  • Rated to 312 psi maximum inlet pressure


Fuel Type LPG  Liquid/Vapor
Diaphragm Material Silicone
Inlet Pressure, Maximum 312 psi (21.51 Bar)
Inlet Pressure, Minimum 30 psi (207 kPa)
Nominal Outlet Pressure, standard blue spring -1.5" w.c. (-0.37 kPa)
HP/kW 100 HP (75 kW)
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +250 degrees F (-40 to +121 degrees C)
Fuel Filtration 40 micron
Heating Chamber Source Required for liquid LPG
Mounting Position Vertical recommended. Horizontal position can be used when fuel contamination can be controlled with HD-5 or HD-10 specified LPG fuel
Applications Mobile, stationary, industrial, and  automotive